6 interior design trends we’ll see in 2024

6 interior design trends we’ll see in 2024

  • Kate Vanderburgh
  • 01/4/24

With a new year comes a new wave of home design trends. From furniture to colour schemes, the arrival of a new year is the perfect time to think about updating your home interiors to incorporate current styles. Refreshing your living spaces doesn’t require a major overhaul — swapping out your cabinetry hardware or revamping your linens can make a noticeable difference in any room.

Here are six interior design trends for 2024 that you can try in your home:

1. Bold colours and patterns

If you’ve got a love for dramatic interiors, then 2024 is the year for you. This year is all about “go big, or go home,” with punchy colours, patterns and textures taking centre stage. Begone with all neutral interiors and playing it safe — 2024 is the year to experiment with zesty kitchen backsplashes, maximalist accessories and artwork, and over-the-top lighting fixtures.

2. Handmade and artisan goods

Our craving for natural elements in home interiors continues in 2024 as handmade accessories rise in popularity. Bespoke pieces made from wood, clay, wicker and glass will be a sought-after statement piece in interiors this year, as earthy inspiration remains a dominant design theme. If you’re looking to incorporate unique pieces into your living space, seek out ceramics, wood carvings and glass work at local markets and galleries to add to your walls and tables. Bonus points for adding pieces you’ve collected on your travels around the globe!

3. Shades of brown and blue

Earth-like colours will be a standout component of 2024 home interiors.

Several paint companies have named a shade of blue as their 2024 Colour of the Year, such as Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova, or Sherwin Williams’ Upward. Interior designers are also forecasting that varieties of brown will be a big hit this year as a rich neutral accent colour, over the cooler gray tones we’ve seen in recent years. You can bring browns and blues into your home in 2024 through paint, tile and wallpaper choices, or by incorporating natural elements like wood furnishings, curtains and accessories.

4. Begone basic bouclé

We’re all familiar with creme-coloured bouclé — the nubbly fabric that has dominated everything from living room chairs to sweaters for the past couple of years. With 2024 seeing bolder and brighter patterns, the sheep-like bouclé we know and love is being phased out. Instead, bouclé with fluffier texture and more vibrant colours is coming into style. Don’t feel the need to go full-on, wall-to-wall bouclé to capture this trend. Instead, opt for a rug, cushion cover or accent furniture that can easily be swapped out as interior styles evolve.

5. Continuation of curves

Round shapes were a staple in 2023 interiors, and the trend is continuing into this year. Parting from straight, perfect lines, curves embrace the imperfections and organic shapes we find in the natural world. If you’re looking to take a page from the book of biophilic design, bring curves into your interiors with round furniture, such as bar stools, sectional “conversation,” sofas and coffee tables, or curved accessories like mirrors and rugs.

6. Mixing metallics

Mixing metals was once considered a fashion faux pas, but not this year. Taking a break from matte black fixtures, 2024 will see the rise of mixed metal finishes and hardware, combining varieties of nickel, bronze, gold and brass. You can experiment with metals beyond just door handles and drawer knobs — introduce a mix of metals with contrasting accent lighting fixtures, faucets, appliance finishes and decor accents.

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